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I'm afraid this story is a little long, but wanted to try to explain how, why and for what, so I hope that makes sense. I was considering splitting into two parts, but it was written so decided to send the batch at a time. So here goes up to eight months, I've never seen a pornographic film, was seen in a sex shop, owned or used a vibrator, I have never felt the need. I had a pair of sexy lingerie, stockings teensporn and garters, that I had, sometimes, when we left. The only man who had sex with me or seen naked since we got married 12 years ago, my husband, Jon. We had a great adventure and sex often at the beginning of last year. I'd rather die than teensporn have been observed having sex, I have tried two men at the same time or at any number of sexual acts, I'd like to read but never did. That was then, this is now! Early last year, Jon seemed to be sex, barely noticed me and the sex was not entirely satisfactory. He sucked and stuff, but he seemed disinterested, which he attributed to hard work. As I said, is that eight months ago when everything changed and I realized that having an affair, it is not surprising that I barely noticed or teensporn wanted sex. teensporn My first reaction was to confront him when he returns after his latest business trip two days. But that night after the shower, I stood naked before the mirror cabinet inventory. I think I look good for 36, being a size 10, good legs without cellulite, thank God, tight ass, flat stomach, the breasts may be a bit small, 32 ter PERT, a few little laughter lines around the eyes, yet not bad that I decided. I stood and spoke, I knew that men turned to me when I insisted on the teensporn street. I sat on the bed, legs apart just by looking at my pussy in the mirror and think about having sex with another man asks how it would feel to have another cock inside me. Almost without thinking I have something I had not teensporn done for a long time, playing with me, enjoy the feeling of my fingers on my clit, slides ªem masturbate on my gender, to a satisfying orgasm. I decided if I wanted a bit on the side, two could play this game. But first, a little revenge. suspected it would be his wife with him on business trips. I knew it was an eight days up the stairs and said it would be good that we went together. He tried to scare me a lot of meetings teensporn would not see much of him, etc. At the end, made ​​the arrangements. I have a day out on a business trip to the airport, teensporn before telling him I felt bad and went home. His face was a picture, day 8, without his girlfriend, only the right hand for the company. Before the separation, he said I had a holiday for us both, two or three weeks together in order to find when he returned, only to add to their misery. In the following months, he has other 'accidents' that ruined his plans, not enough to suspect him, but enough to encourage me. My favorite was when he said he was traveling with a colleaguee, and yesterday I said that I would meet my colleagues Mrs. ring for lunch, while he was gone. The look of horror was brilliant, almost laughed, especially when traveling companion next day suddenly stopped working and I reminded him to cancel the flight useful additional observed, though I could not see the name when he did on your laptop. Even better, he was stuck in the snow and disorder could not return for five days. I'm sure you do not go and it was time miserable. Meanwhile, I was fucked up at my last man, or rather, men n! It was a time that he had not thought about the game of seduction and how a man to have sex, otherwise I think the development of a relationship to find. I went a couple of pubs and clubs, without success, and a pair of wine bars, where an old man to beat on me, but it was mostly couples. Out teensporn of desperation I visited a sex shop and bought a vibrator and a dildo very, very teensporn satisfying, but not as good as a pro, I wENT, coming back for more, teensporn the purchase of four porn DVDs, at the same time. I was in my bed watching the making of pornography, imitates the movies, with the toy teensporn in pussy and ass, masturbating like to be one of the women in the movies, as she took his. It was decided that if the opportunity arose I'd be a bitch ready. The opportunity finally came in a two-day equality and diversity course the company will take all managers, luckily none of my teensporn business was going to be there. I saw Paul as soon as I entered the conference room of the hotel, stood with a cup of coffee. High, about thirty, thin, with a nice ass, blonde, and when I look closer I could see he had the most incredible blue eyes. I was at his side, he smiled and said hello, call a waitress brings me coffee than we imagine. We sat together in the morning and he teensporn invited me to dinner break that night. Until then, I had decided I wanted more than dinner, but that was not planned, I just Brought MS level of bras and panties and some clothes, which were hardly inspiring. During the lunch break which was a great store with an excellent lingerie department and bought a sexy bra and matching thong create and maintain a LBD and a pair of high heels made ​​my purchase. I teensporn arrived late afternoon, but it matters much, I had other things on his mind, hoping that he would go to bed and fuck me later. Day dreaming about cost, how big his penis was what you want to get my pussy nice and wet. We were eating at 19:00 requisite time teensporn to prepare. In my room, I had a long hot shower, shave under my arms, my legs were fine, that Brazil had a tattoo of the day before leaving my pussy smooth except for a narrow strip of hair. I soaped my body feel how hard my nipples are played between the legs, I rubbed the soap on my space, enjoy the smoothness against my clitoris before dropping the soap and sliding my fingers in my vagina, Masturbationrbating until I came to wish that Paul 's cock fucking my hole with me. After drying, put on my socks and underwear after my makeup, sprayed on some of my favorite perfumes for clothing. It was smaller than I thought, when I tried it on my heels and looked even shorter. I checked in the mirror, nothing appears in the band at the top of the middle completely covered, but not by much, at least until I sat down. I was ready, a moment of uncertainty, when I opened the door not long before the idea of ​​speed, my fucking man banishes his cake and I hope that Paul fuck after dinner. was able to tell Paul 's face that he liked what I saw when I entered the bar. I ordered a cocktail and I was sitting on a stool, knowing that teensporn my dress was high enough to reveal my stocking tops mounted to catch him trying not to see my legs. It was not long before we were escorted to our table, I wanted a single course and chatted while we ate, vacations, his passion for motor currentthat jokes about the garbage, of course. After they finished, he asked if I wanted another drink, I decided to go for it 'That would be fine. But not in the bar. If we could go to your room? ' I waited and waited no more intrusive or worse , desperate to come! He smiled, standing up to say, ' That sounds like a good idea to me,' I took his arm as he went to his room n In the elevator just teensporn wanted to touch him, hug him, kiss him. He had his arm around my waist takes me to his room. He closed the door behind us, then began to kiss my hands on my ass every time my dress, her hands caressing my bare bottom, and pulled me, pressing his hard cock inside me. He moved his hands behind his back, unzipping the dress, ripping my shoulders and pushed her down on my hips as I pulled the shirt pants. I left the clothing teensporn down, his shirt, I reached behind me, undoing her bra, exposing my breasts, feeling my nipples so hard it almost hurts. I backnowledgment on the bed and saw that he pulled off his shoes and underwear pants. His cock jumped great, stiff, almost touching the belly, seven, maybe eight inches long, strongly veined, thick with a knob of large bulbous head. He went to bed, tail heavy, teensporn I lay back as he knelt on the bed, I lifted my ass and took the side of my panties and slowly peel the legs and off. I wanted to see my pussy and spread her legs I showed him how wet I was, my pussy with another man, reveals for the first time in more than 12 years. I touched his cock stroked her, unable to close the fingers around his thick fingers touched my pussy stroked my clit, before teensporn sliding two fingers into teensporn my hole. I wanted his fat cock in me, I do not want or need the previous games, only to grab my legs and wide. His mouth was sucking my nipples, nibbling, pulling gently. A pleasant warmth spread from my pussy, with fingers. I needed have his cock in my cunt, 'Please fuck me' I pulled him breath managed cases. Support your weight on his arms and looked into my eyes, beak cock got my hole, and then the bulb button kicked me, I felt a shiver through me, as it is entered and his thick cock difficult to stretch tight pussy, lightly lubricated sliding through my shit juice slippery. I gasped out loud, it's like his cock was touching my cervix, I had never been so stretched out my pussy or total. He was in and out fuck me, teensporn spreading an intense feeling of pleasure in my pussy. I began to automatically move with him to raise to meet his strokes, digging her nails into his back, I felt my orgasm building. He pulled his cock almost rubs against my clit sending more waves of pleasure through my body dragging along my spine, before dipping back into my pussy. I wrapped my teensporn legs around him tried, his beautiful tail dragging me deeper into the feeling of ramming his cock to me. Gasping for breath every time teensporn I took his full-wave, he asked me to be fucked hard. He grunted with each thrust, I dug my nails into his back, then, as a climax, scratches and yelled at him to come, that I wanted to feel his cum teensporn in me. I had never felt anything like my orgasm began to wane and he was fucking. The first peak was not ready yet, and I felt a second of my vaginal muscles contract, while still holding his cock shaft me. Then I came back, followed by wave after wave like multiple orgasms, which has been done, I felt dizzy, I never thought that sex can be as good teensporn as it continues to fuck me. I kept hold, slow almost to a standstill then faster, rammed me hard, I almost constant satisfying 25 minutes of teensporn crap, until I felt him tense, his cock buried in my pussy it, then when I finally shake me outbreak occurred after jet of creamy sauce injected cervix. Put your cock in me, I do not want tor take it out, but soft, his cock felt wonderful, relaxing in my cunt, his cum dripping slowly flowing between my legs. Later, after he fucked me again, I slept with her ​​head on his belly and stroked his cock, licking my tongue pulled out of the juice, enjoying the feeling of satisfaction, almost fascinated by his big cock and I thought I could never get enough of it. Paul had a hand on my back, fingers between my buttocks, moving my pussy. I lifted one leg to give better access, he slipped a finger dipped in milk, juices, and then pushed his finger my anus, the tip is moved in small circles. I've never had a hint man had once, but instead of removing the hand, pulled me to my legs further apart, and murmured : ' That feels good, do not stop :' I felt his fingers bent against the press my hole. 'Mmmm, put into it, slide your finger in the teensporn ass ' I moved closer to him and took his cock in my mouth sucking at once I pushed the bum off the fingers probing. He dipped his finger in my vagina my ass and pushed harder this time broke the resistance by turning it into my ass. She sucked my dick stiff in the mouth, squeezing the eggs slightly. I felt a second finger slide in the ass, savoring the feeling of wonder, how it feels to have a cock in the ass, sucking cock wildly as he fucked me until he came to the mouth, fingers and I had swallowed his sperm sweet. I ended up with your fingers, two on my ass teensporn and four fingers of your other hand on my pussy, rubbing his thumb my clit until I came. I spent the night with him, because until about 6 am with him to lick my nipples and then suck my body, fuck my pussy licked by a slow leisurely nice, I sent to my room woke continued positively glowing. The course ended shortly after noon, which is a Friday there was no reason teensporn to run anywhere. We packed up, sat and drank coffee. Paul asked me whatnderstanding to do for the weekend. 'There is nothing planned, just an empty house,' I said he had married the night before: 'You,' I said. 'The weather has to be really good. I'm on my bike to visit some of his colleagues, one of them to use a weekend house,' looked at me before he does, ' you feel is your husband is gone, does not have to be at work until Monday. I love the bike, ' I did with him, think before answering : ' teensporn on one condition. will you promise me a lot of sex ! '' Oh, I promise 'then read more, he whispered. in my ear : 'If I can really naked fuck in the ass, of course, if I perform I'm sure someone else will fuck you ', I laughed when I said, 'I'm just sure one o'clock that I can handle more 'looked like they had found what he sought. A bad boy ! While I have no very clear that it was time, and I was in love with him, were the first steps in my journey, teensporn and Sunday eveffect that cum whore loves cock. He had come for the course teensporn with the train, I had my car, which was about an hour to take his place, but first had to swerve into a motorcycle shop, a helmet, a nice sexy dress and boots with a short for the I spent five talents sale, as I have always had separate accounts. I told him I had not asked me clothing, I, my size then disappeared again 20 minutes later with a bag does not show me its contents. At home, I showered and packed my suitcase. Bras, panties, an upper and a pair of pants, high heels, makeup bag essential. Paul arrived with a basket of his bicycle to teensporn pick up my things. He already had his team, teensporn I inhaled the heady aroma of teensporn the skin and sweat of the man. He lifted her dress to tell me who uses it, I was only underwear and asked what to wear underneath, I said only his underwear would be the end. Out teensporn of his garage, his pride and joy, two motorcycles, one thath looked like a road bike for me, the other a BMW, the bike ride which took us to my relief. It was a walk of 90 minutes, but it attracted more than half way to make sure he was fine, except for a little heat in order. 'No problem,' he said and opened my robe around his waist and opened the front, standing exposed in a rest area next to a busy road with my breasts. I got to close it, 'Leave it', ordered to climb back on the bike. We turned for a moment and went at once fresh and exciting ride through small villages, the people of the past sit with my breasts exposed, until we reached the hut, a hidden path a few meters from the road in the middle of nowhere. It seemed an old house modernized country workers and extended family of friends, I found later. is teensporn A car and two motorcycles parked outside and we could hear in the garden behind the house. It was 19:00, but still hot, I zipped up my top to coversaid my breasts do not, Paul, with a smile on his face and put his arm around me and took me to one side of the house. I turned my head was the inhalation of the skin / masculine scent is like an aphrodisiac, I became more and randy wet between the legs. We were greeted by their friends, two men and two women, all aged between 30 and 35 made ​​the introductions Fiona and Sally, David and Matt. The women were sisters in a bikini to go to David, but are willing to just two men in jeans. I was very hot and pulled the zipper a little. About 10 minutes after the women were ready to go to kiss men took leave of me, she called me to expect a good night. Paul had his skin on the upper slopes moved behind him and came to me ' You look hot,' he said, unzipping the front ' is much more comfortable with the top-off ' was behind me, I opened the front was in front of David and Matt pulled the top of the shoulders and partly teensporn my arms. My arms were stuck behind my back, I was not able to stop, even if he wanted, and I do not. He moved his hands on my breasts, teensporn caressing, pinching and pulling my nipples erect. I leaned my head back against him and closed my eyes, I mean, if I pinched her nipples harder just opened my eyes trembled, David and Matt had their cocks to masturbate and see Paul playing with my tits. My stomach churns as Paul moved his hand just above my pussy, I realized that I wanted to strip in front of them, I felt my pussy wet. I kept my eyes closed, as Paul reached down and pulled my boots, and then I felt my arms fell off, the dress and panties pulled down my legs and off. A few weeks before I wanted to die is rolled and shame that I have wanted to please Paul. I do not want to wait to be told and I spread her legs, grabbed his hand teensporn and asked him to take the finger. His fingers touched my clitoris, I was excited to learn that he was being watched, I heard myEven groaning, as he slid his fingers in my pussy soaking, teensporn rubbing my clit. His mouth was close to my ear, speaking softly, ' Have you ever spit ?' ' No,' he said. 'Have you DP'd ? ' Once again, no ' Have you ever fucked fist and ass? ' 'No, but I want everything,' he said. He began fingering my pussy again, I could feel close to my self-esteem. 'Just a dog them. Are you a bitch? ' ' Yes,' I whispered. 'Dave, you hear that Matt? ' They said no. 'Tell them,' Mark ordered : 'I 'm a bitch,' 'Stronger '. He demanded 'I'm a bitch Oh God, I'm running,' he shouted. 'Tell them what they want from things you want to do : ' I am very close to orgasm, he could barely speak between gasps he spat ' spit roast ' drowning 'DP' snap ', fisting, ass FUCK ' DO grab ' everything you wanted to ' wheeze ' I Want It All ' I just finished when I arrived. Paul took his finger in my pussy licked my juices and said, ' Well, I 'm going to shothat. You can expect Dave and Matt and then come and ready to go. 'He came away and knelt in front of David and Matt sucking their cocks until they both cum swallowing semen David Matthew, who was discovered after the two sisters, Fiona and Sally took before we arrived and took longer to finish, spray the face, hair and spray my tits with cream. I found our room, Paul stood naked in bed, showered and brushed my teeth in front of him. ' you want me to suck, before we go ? 'I asked, I looked at his watch, said it was time to dress. Opened the bags down, hand and handed me the bag with the things I had bought earlier, and told me to wear. a short leather vest held closed by a single popper and a short skirt, even just covering my ass. I took a pair of underwear, which took place he said: ' you do not need this,' he said, my bike is leather top. Dave and Matton a bicycle, took about 30 minutes before firing a disused airfield, pulling up in front of a renovated building, a sort of motorcycle garage, open front, loud music. We parked, and I did what you told me I took off my leather boots and put on the spare wheel suitcase, putting my heels on. I felt almost naked, when the front of the skirt pulled up over an inch to expose my pussy. 20 to 25 men were there, some eight or ten girls and women. I got a bottle of beer, I noticed Paul, drinking Coca -Cola. Relaxed soon notice that teensporn some of the other girls wear skirts and revealing tops as well. Everyone was friendly danced and drank and danced when flashing my pussy and I did not care, girls and men were suspected of having sex I'm drifting. was late and started with a couple of her bent over one of the bikes to hell. I was used and seen, just had the shit people have seen the DVD has. I found the erotic, and when I felt a hand up the back of the skirt and a touch of the finger in my ass crack that opened my legs so my pussy finger simply by looking to see who it was. She accepted the invitation, he slipped two fingers behind. Another man approached, I could see, Paul, David and Matt and I watched. Paul nodded leave, leave, mood, place an order ? To continue. The popper vest was open, got his hands on my tits, same with the three buttons on the jacket, and he was naked, one hand on my head pushing me down, I slapped two hard cocks. I took one in each hand and pulled her mouth to suck again happy to see Paul and looked at me. A third man sat beside me, legs apart, fingers in my pussy with one hand, playing with my tits with the other. I had the basis of a rooster who quickly masturbating in her mouth, sucking hard, and try to make success, to shoot his office. I swallowed, the other turns away, to do the samehim. The man stopped fingering me, grabbed me by the waist, so I bowed. He stood behind me, unzipping his pants always did his cock. He put his leg between my legs and then lifted the tail forced trying to find my niche. I felt his cock touch my pussy, my pussy opening as he entered me then rammed his cock in my pussy I just screwed hard, I almost wound. I kept sucking harder if you look at the same time fucked up, but managed to get it out of my mouth I can start focusing on the pleasurable sensations of my pussy. I refused to suck another cock offered and went between the legs of a refrigerator of my clitoris in place, had to end and sperm, and soon I knew I was in the vicinity. The type of shit that I remained silent, so little jerks, and then retired and I could feel his cum landing on my back, as it came. I seemed to be the center of attention, so I masturbated faster and harder, partly to prove to me that I behave witUninhibited Hout and Paul, telling him what a teensporn bitch, I could ask for. I teensporn saw his look of approval, which I did, I felt that God gives it to give me a sense of satisfaction, which had not complied with the social and moral habits with so far. was masturbating when teensporn Paul and Matt picked me up and lay down on the BMW driver's seat, and invited anyone who wanted to fuck me. Put it back, spread my legs open and showing her pussy in monkeys of his glory and moments later, a nice big cock slid in to give another good fucking. I can not even begin to describe the next 2 hours and I was relieved sure some of the other girls had their fair teensporn share of cock. One by one I took, a little below me to the other seat with me bent over the bike, a man of my dog, while another gave a blow job. One of the girls wanted to go down on me, and drink the cum from my pussy, but I refused, unwilling to do that. Instead, I kept my pussy and letone of the men fist fuck me for your entertainment, just turning in his arm, when I arrived. There was no milk everywhere, most teensporn of which were deposited there at some point in my pussy, but teensporn now it was my legs, everything about the bike my pussy dripping on the floor. I end shit before leaving, Paul 's idea of ​​a bank was acquitted and teensporn put a blanket on top. Paul and Dave, I cursed ' an d before the other women came to him, and I joined them, while others around him. I was on my knees, elbows teensporn on the table, head down, bum in the air. Paul told me that they intended to ass fuck me, watching all the other women tell me they had managed to scream, but when it was painful, and stop. David had to make a leaner Hahn and Paul wanted I first and then I'd like to fuck my ass with her thick tool. Two of the girls started sucking his dick to get two nice and hard, ready for my anal initiation. One of the women had a tube of lubricant and is pouredPaul and David on the rock hard cock, massage before transfer to a human being. He poured some on my ass, the proliferation of smooth fluid around my anus and pushed a finger in the ass, check the tightness of my ass hole, teensporn on the top of the tube and forced teensporn into the cold fluid in my ass. David was behind me, slowly stroking his cock Paul aside. Paul laid his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks, fingers touching my butt hole that opened. I felt, how to solve my ass, slide your teensporn finger on each side, do no harm, working more within strove to overcome gradually the strength of my sphincter loosen and stretch my anus. Two fingers slid further, I gave a loud teensporn groan as he pulled me over more jets opens lubricant. I crept closer, I teensporn felt his penis touch the rear to slip through his fingers in my ass. He again took off his fingers when I took his cock. He broke the sphincter tightened around his cock. I think I teensporn cried when sUnder pushed his cock in a totally exquisite pain, rapidly, as he started moving, fucking my ass hard. A voice shouted: 'This is going ass fuck teensporn Dave ' I could see all the faces looking at me, trying to see his cock in and out. I closed my eyes, enjoying the slippery tail squeezing hands feeling groping my tits, my nipples painfully hard, finger fucking my clitoris, taken from another finger fucking my pussy, but to my delight. All you grab my ass suddenly felt strong, I take more force, pulling me back into his cock as he approached. I was always close to me, Paul must have been waiting, ready to drink, to David and Paul pushed his cock into my anus before I had the opportunity to close. God, he was great, I think I screamed again, mixed with my orgasm. I was breathless, breathless, hoarse that he'd take the hardest ass to cum in me. Asked him to stop for a minute, the next call for more. It was teensporn a pleasure, perhaps dammedsexual frustration. I always liked sex, but it was a whole new level, revealing the true bitch, never hide in the account waiting for the right person for free. That man was Paul, and he was fucking my ass, both for their own pleasure and joy of his biker friends and I was enjoying my cock bitch status. Time seemed to slow, but in the teensporn end I felt a teensporn change in pace again and I am to be pushed to meet his thrust with an animal grunt, he invited his cum in my ass. was early in the morning when we went, me with a handful of paper towels in my skin to absorb the sauce and juices. I went to bed with Paul, did not awake until the afternoon, still leaking cum from my pussy. Paul, David and some friends took me on Saturday and Sunday. Back to work on Monday my butt was a little hurt when I sat down, but a good reminder of the weekend. The first of many! If you have at this momentto read my story I hope you enjoy. There's more, if desired.
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